Music may change, but its power to move us stays the same. Following , we are going to discuss the best albums regarded today. These not only paved way for new genres and ideas. No, they still haunt their listeners as they did decades before.

Revolver- The Beatles

Revolver-The-Beatles-1 The Best Studio Albums of All Time

The Seventh Studio Album by The Beatles, released in 1966. It is known as their final recording project before retiring. The diverse sound is known for its tape looks, and backward recording. The album originally consists of 14 tracks, but only 11 were released in US. This album is regarded for expanding the scope of music in respect of musical styles used on the album, as well as the lyrical content. It had a big influence on the 1960’s Counterculture and inspired genres such as electronica, progressive rock, and world music. This is famed as one of the best classic albums.

Pet Sounds- The Beach Boys

Revolver-The-Beatles-1 The Best Studio Albums of All Time

This is the eleventh studio album released by American band Beach Boys. It is regarded as the first concept album that introduced the use of non-standard harmonies and timbers. The album used different genres including Avant Garde, classical, pop, and jazz. It furthered a trend within the rock and helped it borderline dance music. The album consists of 12 tracks with the most famous being Wouldn’t it be nice, You Still Believe in Me, and That’s Not Me.

OK Computer- Radiohead

Revolver-The-Beatles-1 The Best Studio Albums of All Time

This was the third Studio Album by English Rock Band Radiohead. The Album debut in mid-1997, and had 12 tracks. The most famous are Airbag, Paranoid Android, and Subterranean Homesick Alien. It was nominated for Grammy Awards as Album of the Year, and won the Best Alternative Music Album award. The album received critical claim at its release, and is known for its dense yet terrifying sound. Its regarded as one of the best modern albums.