2017 was a great year for music junkies, although we had some disappointments. They came in all shapes including blockbusters staring A-list action heroes, or long awaited sequels of our favorite games. Unfortunately, music was no different and we had some albums that failed to make their mark, we are discussing that in following!

Evolve- Imagine Dragons

Evolve-Imagine-Dragons The Worst Selling Albums of 2017

It seems like the bold, and colorful textures were not enough, and little progression is no evolution. Imagine Dragons missed it with their audience as they failed to attract the listeners with their digital zeitgeist this year. It seems like the whole thing was created with telly music coordinators and it takes us back to hoariest rock clichés such as the roto-toms. Tracks sound almost impressive and they are not something you want to put on repeat.  Its like putting way too much sugar in your coffee!

One More Light- Linkin Park

Evolve-Imagine-Dragons The Worst Selling Albums of 2017

This was a tough ear for Linkin Park Fans, the worst part being death of Chester Bennington. It all started with the release of their single at the start of this year, “Heavy” featuring Kiiara. The band was being bashed for selling out to Electronica, but what we failed to understand that change was at the core of this band. Every Album was different than the last one, and they have been experimenting with different music genres since their first album.

Witness- Katy Perry

Evolve-Imagine-Dragons The Worst Selling Albums of 2017

Talk about a reinvent gone wrong. Yes, you heard it right. Perry has killed it with her previous albums, but it seems this wasn’t her year. Witness was supposed to be her comeback album, and it went right out of the window. The singer tried to be something cooler, and edgier but it didn’t click with the audience. Instead of being innovative, and engaging, everything felt overproduced, and cringe worthy.