We saw some great releases this year, and more are to come but there were some embarrassing moments in movies this year. Following we are going to name them and let you know when they get the hate as you know it.

Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets
Valerian-and-The-City-of-a-Thousand-Planets 3 Big Bomb Movies of 2017
Can we say this was a rip off of Guardians of Galaxy? Well not strictly but you can see the reference. It shows that money, and great effects are not enough to create a hit, you need experience and talent. This movie was about eighty percent GFX and we hated it. Guardians did it in a digestible way. But this was overstuffed and outdone. I don’t know what they were thinking we when writing this thing.

Power Rangers
Valerian-and-The-City-of-a-Thousand-Planets 3 Big Bomb Movies of 2017
They are still a thing? Wait better question who gives a damn! Who thought that a Power Ranger movie will do good, are they living in a cave? See the last superman movie, see how depressed he was. Just because Batfleck got a green light everyone should try their luck. Godzilla didn’t made good on the promise so why bother with a power ranger. Its like everyone wants their piece of the super hero dilemma. Well they have tried their luck before and it was embarrassing. There wont be a sequel any soon, and you don’t have to worry about them creating a universe as well.

Ghost in The Shell
Valerian-and-The-City-of-a-Thousand-Planets 3 Big Bomb Movies of 2017
Make a live action adaptation of beloved manga? Seriously haven’t you guys done that before with Dragon Ball? If there is something that movies or their makers should know, they will never be good at getting a live adaptation of Video games, anime or even manga. So they should stop trying. Although we are sorry that a Scarlett Johansson starrer got so much hate!