We all love our time with our favorite TV Shows. Seeing a great series coming to its end feels both pleasant, and heart breaking, but a good way to pay homage to a great series is a making a movie adaption. Yes, following we are discussing a few series who deserve their own, and it will be a sure hit.

The Wire

The-Wire 3 Television Shows Worthy of a Movie Adaptation

This was the talk back in early 2000’s. The Wire had a successful run 5 seasons from 2002-2008. The series follows Baltimore, and its relation with Law Enforcement Agency. We follow suite Detective Jimmy McNulty played by Dominic West. The show shows attempts of law enforcers bringing down the crime in their vicinity, the troubles they face, and methods they use. This show is known for its accurate portrayal of urban life and theme.

True Detective (Season One)

The-Wire 3 Television Shows Worthy of a Movie Adaptation

It’s hard for TV Shows to imagine what the first season of True Detective achieved with its 8 episodes. The audience will love to see a movie adaption of first season with the original cast reprising their respective roles. There is a lot of ground to cover but a decent script and story line can do the season justice.

The Psych

The-Wire 3 Television Shows Worthy of a Movie Adaptation

Another Series that had a successful 8 series run. It is one of the best comedy series in recent years, and the audiences won’t mind a movie adaptation of one. The Psych is not just another addition in the long plethora of Detective TV Shows. Instead, it stood out on its own rights for being a self-referential comedy.  The series follow Psychic Detective Shawn, played by James Roday and his adventures.  The show is full of pop culture references, meta hour and inside jokes. The chemistry between the cast was ground, and the whole thing seems like It can be fit within a 2 hour movie.