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3 Celebrities who loved in in the News

Justin Bieber

Some celebrities hate the paparazzi, while some love them. Yes, there are some celebrities who always who up in news, and they are perfectly fine with it. It looks like they y have learned how to make money off the paparazzi. Following, we are going to give you three examples!

Kim Kardashian

She has to be on this list. She doesn’t love it, she depends on being in the news. She has made her fortune on it, and it’s not going to change any soon. Think about anything, pics of her baby, some nude selfies or having a blast. Kim has shared everything with her fans, and they fall for it every time. Her family and husband don’t seem to help her keep a low profile and she is happy with it. After all, it worked so well for her.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber
He is probably the most hated, or loved guy on this list. He had a blasting start at a very oung age, and people loved the cute little thing from Canada. Even after all the trouble he went through, the fans still adore him. A big reason for that is he keeps them updated every second. Be it his instagram, or interview, he has always something new for his fans. I guess people still believe in the bieber.

Taylor Swift

She remains at the top charts all the time, and she does that by making sure she is always in the news. It’s a smart move but shoes that Swift prefers the attention. When she is not working, she makes sure whatever she does is posted on her social media, be it a vacation or spending time with her friends, she keeps her fan updated about her every activity. In short, she knows how to use the paparazzi for her benefit.


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