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3 Versatile Actors who can Possibly Replace Jared Leto as the Joker


Jared Leto’s take as the Joker seemed rundown because he wasn’t given much screen time, and it felt like the story could easily survive without his input. This disappointed audiences as they wanted the master manipulator that they saw with Heath Ledger, and The Dark Knight. Well Leto is coming back with his take, and we are promised he will have a bigger piece this time. Still, if someone thinks there are other actors who can do  better, we just want to represent three contenders.

William Dafoe

Robert Knepper

One of the great suggestions by the fans on Internet, the snap of William Dafoe (probably fanmade) created a rift on the good old internet of him trying his luck as the new Joker. We don’t have any doubt on his acting charm, he can leave the audience mesmerizing with his take as the joker but it won’t be dreamy, his version will be a dark, grim and bloody one. Yes, his take might be hard to fathom as compared to heath ledger’s work. For whatever its worth, we sure want to see Dafoe under all makeup.

Robert Knepper


Another case made entirely up on the internet. Yes the Russian Mob from Transporter 3 who was blown to pieces can make a great joker. Again, this was proven by fan made joker using Knepper. We can’t argue the guy who did this has great taste, because Knepper is a great actor and his version will bring something new to the table.

Rooney Mara


The girl who played Lisbeth Slander? Sure, she is one of capable actors in cinema today, and she will impress the audiences with her take as the Joker. A lot of people will be uncomfortable with this idea, and will suggest her sticking to Harley Quinn, but she aint no lusty love interest.  She knows how to work as a lead and her take as the Joker will be unforgiving. She will bring her dark and grim element from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and we think the audience will love her for this.


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