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Best Upcoming Movies in 2017


We saw some great movies in 2017, and new trends but let’s be fair, the year hasn’t ended yet, and there is still more to come. Following we are going to discuss the best upcoming movies we can’t wait to see. If you are hardcore movie goer then stick around.

Thor: Ragnarok
The MCU entry in our list, it seems like sequels are a thing of past, studies are now looking to create their very own universe. But Marvel started this whole gimmick with the release of The incredible Hulk. Anyways, this is the third installment of Thor and 17th entry in Marvel Cinematic Universe Overall. Why should you bother watching this movie? Well it got Thor and Hulk facing off Cate Blanchett. Did we mention that Loki will also be there?


Like it or hate it, the Saw franchise is worth a lot of money. Let’s not forget that people are crazy for the movies so it seemed fair we have another Saw installment. Well we don’t know what the studies have prepared for their audience, but fans will storm the theaters once the movie is released. We can’t give any spoilers because we don’t have any idea what will happen here. But the name is Jigsaw right? We hope to see the old man again.

Blade Runner
We got a remake here, well we are not a big fan of this whole thing, but in this case we are willing to make an exception. What? You cant blame us for it, the movie has starring Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto, and Robin Wright, need to say anything else? Well, the movie is already creating a buzz and we are thinking it will be the next big thing this year but all bets are off. Let’s see what we got in store.