3 Celebrities who loved in in the News

Justin Bieber
Some celebrities hate the paparazzi, while some love them. Yes, there are some celebrities who always who up in news, and they are perfectly fine with it. It looks like they y have learned how to make money off the paparazzi. Following, we are going...
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Artists Who Created the Most Valued Masterpieces

Most of the artwork found in Museums around the world is priceless. History is filled with artist who left their work with elegance. They left their mark with their art, and fortunately its valued rightfully. Following we are going to discuss the artists responsible for...
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3 Big Bomb Movies of 2017

We saw some great releases this year, and more are to come but there were some embarrassing moments in movies this year. Following we are going to name them and let you know when they get the hate as you know it. Valerian and The...
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Best Upcoming Movies in 2017

We saw some great movies in 2017, and new trends but let’s be fair, the year hasn’t ended yet, and there is still more to come. Following we are going to discuss the best upcoming movies we can’t wait to see. If you are hardcore...
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