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War Time Photographers Who Were no Less than a Creative Artist


The ever ending debate that photography is real art or not will never end, but there is a few photographers who the world agrees were no less than a real artist.  Following, we are going to name famous war photographers, who gave their life to their work, Let’s honor their memories.

Edward Steichen

Edward Steichen

The US based Photographer captured some ground shaking moments in the Second World War. But he wasn’t always a War Time Photographer. Steichen rose to fame for being a fashion photographer. He did work for publications like Vogue and Vanity Fair. He was at his peak when he gave everything up to become a photojournalist for the First World War. When Second World War started, he was 62 years old but set to document United States Naval Operation.

Wayne Miller


Wayne Miller was a known member of Steichen WWII Ground. Born in Chicago and went to art school after graduating from high school.  He left before finishing to join the Navy. Traveling all around the world, he captured moments of the War, and was the first to Photograph Hiroshima in aftermath of Nuclear Explosion. During his time, he captured many pictures, and went to become one of greatest wartime photographers.

 Robert Capa


A Hungarian, he was a Jewish wartime photographers who documented several wars during his time. He covered the Spanish War, and Second World War all over the world from London to Africa. He even covered the Battle of Normandy. His work from Normandy remains most memorial. He died in Vietnam during First Indochina War.

Dickey Chapelle

Dickey Chapelle

Chapelle proves that Photographers are no less than a real artist. Born in Winconsin, he covered everything from the Second World War to The Korean War. He went on to become a National Geographic Correspondent and was tasted to cover US Marines in Battle of Iwo Jima. She was never afraid of the action, and was the first American female photographer to be killed action.


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