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3 Blockbusters of 2017 that got Bad Reviews

3 Blockbusters of 2017 that got Bad Reviews

There is no failsafe for success! You can pour al the resources into a project, and it may do well financial but you will fail to win hearts. The best way to put it is you cant please everyone. So is with these blockbusters that were released this year. They made good money but couldn’t protect themselves from bad reviews.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


Considering Pirates of the Caribbean helped Depp becoming the Mega-Star he is today, it’s surprising to see they went all out on this one, and still got bad reviews from critics. Where did they miss, we had Johnny Depp, Javier Bardem, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush, and Keira Knightly. How a star vessel with an ensemble cast, and interesting plot did failed the critics? One answer will be no one cares about the Pirate business anymore.

The Mummy


This was a shock for everyone. We were expecting a mega hit that will melt away the critics. Well, the movie did somewhat good on box office, but it was way less that what you would expect from a powerhouse starring Tom Cruise. I guess the leak that Universal wants to start its own Cinematic Universe, and have planned sequels starring Javier Bardem, and Johnny Depp didn’t end well for them. Otherwise, how can something with Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise sink so bad?

Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers The Last Knight

Michael Bay was never lucky with the critics. It is no secret that his work has always paved ways to 100 of millions for the studio, but his relationship with the critics only got worse. This year, the 5th installment of Transformers series was released. It made a lot of money but as expected, it got negative reviews right at opening. I guess that seems feature considering all the movies he completed, the only Academy Award he ever won was Best Sound Mixing for Pearl Harbor.


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