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Great Movies You Already Missed in 2017


2017 has been a great year for movie goers so far. We had some big budget movies like Wonder Woman and Fate of the Furious, but it was the sleeper hits that really got the attention. Yes, we are going to discuss these hits without any spoilers.

Get Out
This was not another Conjuring but sure it was a sleeper hit, and a pleasure. The premise was not entirely original, you can see it in “The Skeleton Key” and other movies. The thing that made is so popular was the approach. No spoilers here. We just want to say that Daniel Kaluuya finally got the break he deserved. If you have seen his work in Johnny English Reborn and Sicario, you know his caliber.


You know this was coming, every geek was talking about it. Split is hands down one of Night’s best movies, and we hope he got his element back. The film doesn’t have an ensemble cast, or blasting action, but it sure exceeds your expectation. James McAvoy is running the show, and he is accompanied by Anya Taylor-Joy. She has made her mark with The Witch, and Morgan. Pardon the storyline because it sort of doesn’t make sense. Apart from that, it’s a treat for your eyes.

The Beguiled


This was unexpected, but this is what defines a sleeper hit. Nicole Kidman shows she still got it. Sofia Coppola did an impressive job with the drama film based on the novel of same name. This was one of the best movies released this year, and it best everyone out there. Lets not forget, it was a treat to see Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning. Sort of a thriller, it was nice to see all the ladies working together, and get a history lesson for the tech generation.


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