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3 Actors Who can Replace Daniel Craig as the Ideal Bond

3 Actors Who can Replace Daniel Craig as the Ideal Bond

Daniel Craig is dubbed as the best Bond in History. His interview after finishing Spectre in which he said he prefers to slash his wrist than to take another turn at bond created quite a buzz but seeing him stepping in the shoes of Mr. Bond again is a relief. But that leaves on concern, sooner or later he will walk out and who will replace him? Will they outdo him, or at least pay homage with a decent version? Welll, we have three actors who can deliver!

Idris Elba


The internet is crazy over the idea of Elba taking on the role of Mr. Bond. He has everything needed to play the secret agent everyone knows by the name (ironically).Everyone loved his work in TV Series “The Wire”, and we would love if he brings the same element with his take at James Bond. Sure the idea is unconventional for some, but Elba has the makings of a great bond.

Tom Hardy


Love him or hate him, but there is no denying Hardy cant nail a role he signs for. He has been around for more than 15 years and has taken a wide variety of roles serving as the Protagonist, Antagonist, and Supporting Roles. He is one of the most talented actors around and there is no reason can can’t pull off a good Bond. He has the acting wit and charm needed for a great bond.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale

This guy pulled the best Batman ever, and there are arguments whether he should try to replace Leto as the Joker or not. Therefore, we can’t find a reason why Bale shouldn’t have his turn and bring a new version of Mr. Bond. He won hearts with his portrayal of Bruce Wayne. He can connect to Craig’s version of James Bond, and it makes the perfect replacement whenever it happens. The only problem is, no one knows if he is interested for the take.