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Artists Who Created the Most Valued Masterpieces


Most of the artwork found in Museums around the world is priceless. History is filled with artist who left their work with elegance. They left their mark with their art, and fortunately its valued rightfully. Following we are going to discuss the artists responsible for creating the most valued masterpieces today.

Leonardo Da Vinci


Perhaps the most famous artist with the most famous piece of work, Leonardo da Vinci introduced the world to the most famous piece of art in history, Mona Lisa. Although it is a portrait of Lisa Gherardini, the wife of Francesco Del Giocondo, a Florentine Cloth Merchant, its known as The Mona Lisa. It’s value is evaluated near $700 million and the only way to see it is visiting Louvre Museum in Paris.

Paul Gauguin


Gauguin didn’t enjoy the same fame as da Vinci but his work was only second to Mona Lisa. Nafea Faa Ipoipo is currently the second highest priced painting in existence. The artist who travelled to Tahiti in 1891 fell in love with the culture and people. His work inspired many modern artist. His work, Nafea Faa Ipoipa, which translates to When Will You Marry depicts two women sitting in a colorful   setting of Blue, Green and Gold. It was sold in 2015 for $300 million.

Paul Cezanne


He is known for “The Card Players” series. It consists of five painting completed by non-other than the famous artist. While most of his work is now housed in museums all around the world, a piece of his Card Player collection was  sold for $260 million. This feat is only behind Mona Lisa, and Nfea Faa Ipoipo.

Jaskson Pollock


Pollock is known for many feats, but his legacy continues with Number 17A.  This is an abstract expression that consists of drip elements and bold colors. It is valued to be near $200 millions.


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